Origami heart bookmark

If you are here, you’re one of the lucky readers who has secured an origami bookmark from Wendy Qualls for her debut novel WORTH WAITING FOR. That already makes you a winner, right? To achieve more winning, click on the steps below for easy step-by-step directions with pictures. To try this origami in hard mode, attempt with two dogs and a four-year-old all climbing into your lap and begging attention. (I suggest the first way.)

Origami heart bookmark

  • Start with Paul and Brandon at the top. Fold in half along the 1.


  • Fold in half along the 2.

  • Unfold the paper again so it’s creased in fourths, and flip over to the QR code side.

  • Fold along the 3.

  • Flip over and fold diagonally to the midline on both 4s.

  • Flip over again and fold the point to meet the top edge, along 5.

  • Flip again and rotate 180 degrees. Stick your finger in the little pockets (6) to open them up, then press down flat.

  • Fold down the extra corners (7) and the tips of the triangles (8) to make the rounded tops of the heart.

  • Fold along both vertical 9s.

  • Enjoy your completed bookmark! And look for WORTH WAITING FOR, out August 15th!